BEST OF 2014 - Ben Liu illustration

"Puff, the magic dragon lives by the sea,
and frolicked in the autumn mist,
in a land called Honnah Lee. " *

Have you ever heard this lovely melody? I happened to discover this song just a few days ago, (I know, I'm not that familiar to occidental songs) the version I heard was by Pink Mertini & Saori Yuki, fell in love with it right away. Yes, there were truely some magical moments happened in my 2014, which transformed me into another level, into a better me.

2014 was the first year I worked full-time as a freelance illustrator. Mom told me when I was 1 year-old, she put all kinds of objects in front of me, which related to different careers, letting me pick up one. Guess what I chose? A pen.

Since then, I became best friends with pens, my magic wand. I doodled, I sketched, I painted, I illustrated. I think I'm lucky and privileged to be surrounded by fantastic groupes and people to work with. And all these, I guess, was my pens who brought to me. I cherish, I appreciate the fact. With my pens and the warm people I worked with, I achieved some goals that I never think I could. I'd like to say Thank You!

In Canada, Calepin de Ben (Ben's sketchbook) , my weekly column in Journal Métro celebrites its 1st year anniversary, there was also an intensive 4 days live-sketch event during the Festival Mode & Design at Place des Arts Montreal. I met so many magical persons during these advantures.

In China, I had chances collaborating with L'OFFICIEL, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, three big magazines I always dreamed to work with. #DreamsComeTrue

Internationally, my works had seals of approval by Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana, (big thanks to the magician Mister Marcus from Draw A Dot.) .

What's next for 2015? Not sure, but for sure I'll spend my year with pens, keep trying expressing myself and spreading beauty I saw via lines and colors. If they could bring you a bit warmness, I'll feel so happy. Wish you all the best in 2015!


Dolce & Gabbana 2014 F/W

Velvet -Veuve-Clicquot-Ben-Liu

Velvet by Veuve Clicquot


Fashion Week Front Row - iLady magazine
Journal Métro - Infopresse PrixMédia Event issue


TV show - Sauvez les Meubles - CanalVie


Festival Mode & Design - Live Sketch


J'adore Dior - L'OFFICIEL China

Cinderella-Valentino-Ben-Liu -Draw-A-Dot.

Cinderella x Valentino


Plastic Surgery - L'OFFICIEL China


Beauty column - Cosmopolitan China

Oringinal singers : Peter, Paul and Mary

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