BENDA × Journal MÉTRO - Prix Média Infopresse

Infopresse Magazine held his 13th Prix Média Contest,
for rewarding creative media and advertising in Québec.

Journal Métro Montréal is one of the sponsors for the award ceremony.
So there was a sprcial issue to circulate during the gala.

 This illustration is for the cover of this issue. The theme is "creativity".
So Benda had a metaphore of "mixed soup" with :
Social Medias, fashion, music, art and food.

Maybe a soup is too "heavy" as an image?
Then the metaphore chaged into a "healthy juice": lighter and sharper.
So here is the Métro girl dressing in green, replying her order on phone,
preparing her "mix créatif". Voilà :)

BenLiu PRIX MEDIA Infopresse journal METRO
illustration by: Benda (Ben Liu)

Making of... (click to see bigger images)

BenLiu PRIX MEDIA Infopresse journal METROBenLiu PRIX MEDIA Infopresse journal METRO

 Again, it was a fun projet to work on.
Thanks again to Journal MÉTRO, for the open-mindedness! :)

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