Metro Montreal #22-#23 - Smoke Bomb in Metro

Attention Attention, un dégagement de fumer sur la ligne verte...
Nous réalimentons immédiatement la ligne verte, entre la station
Angrignon et Berri-UQAM...
D'autres messages suivront...

Rainy morning, when I got into the metro,
it seemed like a star's concert. 
OK, I got it!

People were calling their booses and friends for complaining.
Others were just reading papaers.
Me? Took out my pen and paper, DRAW! :-)
Firemen, journalists, reporters, policemen, S.T.M. employees, photo amateurs...
All mixed up in the rain. 

I waited there from 8:30 am till 10:35 am.
Then the metro back to fonction.

Métro Pie-IX



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