Benda in Toronto

Benda was invited by his good friend Yoko to visit Toronto.There
they had a unforgettable summer. Yoko took Benda shop in
almost all the Goodwill and Value Villages. Benda also became the
finalist in Teresa Teng Singing Contest, which was really a gift
I've never been thinking of.

We met many intresting prople in the street, but mostly, we've tried
a lot of delicious food from all over the world. Of course, Chinese ones
included.Each time we couldn't stand up after eating... How crazy!

Toronto is such a mixed pizza. And it's also a musculin city for me. It
reminds me a lot my home town ShenYang in China, but it also looks
like Beijing, Shanghai, GuangZhou(Canton) in some ways. But still not
neither of them. It's really different from Montreal, people are so busy,
and mostly in their tiny own universe.

Thank you Yoko, hope we could hang out again soon!

Benda's singing Teresa Teng

Published in magazine 1626
Shanghai No.145
Thx: Sam, Susu

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