ANNA, KARL & ALBER, all follow BENDA!


BENDA was invited to design 3 T-shirts for the Italian brand DIADORA's 2011 S/S Collection. It's for the charity action in both mainland China and HongKong. (All the sales will donate for Make A Wish Foundation) Benda is so glad that his works could help the others. It was always a dream for Benda to do the charity by using his creations. Here dream will come true! :)

Actor Huang Xiao-Ming (黄晓明) wears Benda's T-shirt

These three Tees are on sale in Diadora's store all over China.
Keep supporting BENDA:) Thank you so much!

The theme was "Enjoy Life, Enjoy Sports", so, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour and Alber Elbaz, let's all follow Benda, do exercises!!

1. Benda X Karl Lagerfeld

Mr. Karl, you might do sports and your creations at the same time huh?
Coz in my mind, you are so efficient and productive! So ride bicycle while taking photos,
not that hard for you I guess!:)

Girls can take a S size of men's , then wear like this:)
model: Stella

Benda tried this Tee with a chinese-like loose trousers, plus a short gray blazer.

2. Benda X Anna Wintour

Dear Ms. Anna! This Benda Issue of PIGUE needs a model slimmer on the cover huh?
So you can tell the models: EXERCISES!

HongKong Singer/Model/Actress Theresa Fu (傅穎) wears Benda's T-shirt

3. Benda X Alber Elbaz

Ok, cute Alber, I really like you! You are so spontaneous!
But don't forget to take some exercises with BENDA, would be good for your health:)

If you want to support these charity Tees,
you can go and buy them here:

Special Thanks to:
Cherry & Griffin

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