BENDA (Ben Liu) × ELLE China

BENDA was invited by ELLE China, did a small comic about fashion icons, also interviewed for talking about style and icons.

Thx: Neo & Mr.Black

Um, a little bit of the story:

The girl went to a shop which sells the models of big fashion icons. People can get inside the model and when they come out they`ll turn into the style of what they buy.

So this girl wanted Audrey, but the sale said that Audrey is extinct coz her style is too classic in nowadays. And then the girl asked for Ladygaga, then the sale told her that gaga is so popular that was sold out.

The girl was leaving, dissapointedly. Then he met an agent who searches model for making this kind of model to produce. And he asked if she want to be the model of next season. She wondered why. He said that she's different from all the other girls on street(which all look like ladygaga).

So she was happy, saying:No.thanks!

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